Night lights can serve a variety of useful purposes, including:

  1. Lighting up dark hallways or rooms to help people navigate around the house safely, especially at night.
  2. Helping young children feel more secure and comfortable in their bedrooms, making it easier for them to fall asleep.
  3. Providing a gentle, soothing light that can be used for reading or other relaxing activities before bedtime.
  4. Illuminating staircases, preventing tripping and accidents in the dark.
  5. Serving as a decorative accent in a room, adding a warm and cozy ambiance to the space.
  6. Providing a subtle light source for nursing mothers to tend to their infants without disturbing their sleep.
  7. Creating a sense of comfort and security in unfamiliar surroundings, such as hotel rooms, cabins, or camping tents.
  8. Helping people with vision impairments to navigate safely around the house at night.

Overall, night lights are a versatile and useful household item that can provide a sense of safety, comfort, and convenience in various settings.