Photo Night Light – DIY (Do It Yourself)




DIY photo night lights offer a fun and creative way for you to personalize your living spaces with your favorite memories. With this product, you can print your own night light inserts using your own photos. The process is simple and easy, with just three steps: print it, trim it, and insert it.

To get started, choose your favorite photo and insert it into the provided printing template. This template ensures that the photo is the right size and shape to fit perfectly into the night light. Once the photo is in place, customers can print it out using a standard printer.

After the photo is printed, the next step is to trim it to size. This is easily done with a pair of scissors or a paper cutter. You can make sure the photo is the right size by comparing it to the template provided.

Finally, it’s time to insert the photo into the night light. This is also easy to do, as the night light is designed with a slot in the faceplate that allows you to slide your photo into place. Once the image is inserted, the night light is ready to use.

DIY photo night lights are a great way for you to showcase your creativity and add a personal touch to their your decor. They also make great gifts for loved ones, allowing you to share your favorite memories in a unique and memorable way.

  • Frame dimensions: 3.5″w x 4.5″h x 1″d
  • 4-watt light bulb included
  • 110 volt outlet UL listed. Compatible with sockets in USA, Canada, Mexico and Japan
  • Images printed in full color on transparency, inserted in night light, plastic protective color
  • Switch rotates to match electrical outlets orientation
  • Please unplug unit before changing the bulb

Additional information

Weight 6 oz
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 1.5 in