You can order your Pet Night Light through the website in three simple steps.

Can I “snail” mail in my photo for Pet Night Light?
Yes, we will scan your photo, create your Pet Night Light and mail back your photo.
Follow the two steps below:

1. Order and pay here.
2. Please send your photo to:
Pet Night Lights
PO Box 28952
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

***Remember to protect your photo from being bent in the mail***

Uploading Images
You can only upload JPEG images. We have verified that images from 1 to 12 megapixel
cameras will upload through our system.

If you are using an image saved from Photoshop and saved as a JPEG, we recommend
using a maximum of compression setting 9. Otherwise you will receive an upload error.

If you are receiving an error for any other reason, email us at

Cropping Images
After you upload your image, you will need to crop it. The cropping tool is preset to the vertical
proportions of the night light frame. Therefore you will not be able to use the enire width of
a horizontal image.

To crop an image, click on the upper left corner of the photo and drag towards the bottom
right corner. This will expand the cropping tool.

To move the cropping tool, click in the center of your selection and move it right or left.
You can also grab one of the 8 anchor points to tighten your crop.

THE BEST WAY TO CROP: To get the best reproduction, use the maximum
height of your image and crop out the excess width. You can crop tighter if your digital
camera is 6 MegaPixels or greater. For users with digital cameras less than
6 MegaPixels, be careful how tightly you crop your photo.

IMAGE LOOKS BLURRY OR BLOCKY: Cropping a very small section of an image and enlarging
that area to fit the night light may result in pixelization of your image. In other words it will reproduce poorly.
Try to take advantage of the full height of your image and just crop out the excess width.

NO IMAGE APPEARS IN NIGHT LIGHT FRAME ON STEP 3: A few people are experiencing
this error and our technicians are working on solving it. Please email your photo to
and we will send you a proof for your approval and a link to take you right into the checkout process.
We apologize for the inconvenience.

Order Status
To check the status of your order, send an email to
Include your last name and order number.

Payment Methods
We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Paypal.

30 Day Money Back Guarantee
If for any reason you are not happy with your new Pet Night Light you can
return it within 30 days of receipt.

Terms and Conditions
When you make a Pet Night Light we ask that you agree to these terms and conditions. We want to make sure you are the owner of your photo or have permission to use it to create a Pet Night Light.

How to make a return
We will refund your credit card the price of the night light but not shipping. 
Make sure your package is traceable with a tracking number.

We are not responsible for packages that are lost.

Mail to:
Pet Night Lights
Post Office Box 28952
Scottsdale, AZ 85255

Shipping Options
We ship only to the USA and Canada via 1st Class Mail and Priority Mail.

$5.00 USPS 1st Class [US ONLY] (5-7 days)
$5.00 USPS 1st Class [CANADA ONLY] (6-10 days)

$7.00 USPS Priority Mail [US ONLY] (2-3 days)
$11.00 USPS Priority Mail [CANADA ONLY] (5-7 days)

Sales tax
Sales tax is added for items sold in Arizona. Other states and Canada are exempt.