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Resell Our Photo Night Lights

Our Photo Night Lights are a natural extension of your business. Your wedding and/or portrait clients would love a photo night light in addition to the photography services your offer.

Single or Multi Image: Our Single Image night lights display one image and are not designed to be changed. Our Multi Image night lights are changeable using our slide-in / slide-out transparencies. No disassembly is required. 

Packaging Options: Our standard packaging is a open top box covered with a branded sleeve and shrink wrapped. Holiday themed sleeves also available.

Custom packaging: We can create a custom sleeve with your art and/or brand printed on it. Design and printing fees are additional based on quantity. 

No packaging option: If you prefer no packaging, we can polybag your night lights and bulk pack them in a shipping box. 

Night light colors: We only have black night light frames and toggle switches.

Quantity: We can provide pricing based on custom quantities.


Switch between your favorite photos. Transparencies slide in and out.

Single Image

Display one image of your favorite photo. Night light is not changeable.

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